"Summertime"  Museum Canvas by Terry Redlin

    "Summertime" Museum Canvas by Terry Redlin

    Code: Redlin326

    Artwork Information

    SUMMERTIME by Terry Redlin. In this nostalgic image Terry Redlin revisits the sunny days of his youth. It was an innocent time when the most important thing in the world was to grab a pail and pole and hike out to the nearest fishing hole. The heron and mallards were waiting, and if the day remained clear, schoolmates would soon arrive to share in the fun. The nearby bait shop offered ample refreshments for young appetites, including Langenfeld ice cream. The artist's wife was a member of the Langenfeld family, and the authentic sign is one of the personal touches we sometimes find in Mr. Redlin's work. The vast area of golden dandelions covering the ground also holds special meaning for the artist. He recalls them as being "not a weed to be despised, but for me a welcome and glorious flower that colored by world."

    Open, unsigned edition from the Museum Canvas Collection which offers the size and majesty of an original oil painting.

    Image size, 23" x 39-1/2".