"Migration Days" Museum Canvas by Terry Redlin

    "Migration Days" Museum Canvas by Terry Redlin

    Code: Redlin315

    Artwork Information

    Literally hundreds of thousands of waterfowl fill the skies during one week each spring. They have responded to a primordial urge to head north. Leaving their winter resting areas as far south as Central America, these graceful wanderers will guide their way to summer nesting areas in Canada and the northern tier of states. It's such a grand sight that those who have experienced this magic time count it among their most cherished memories. In this image, it appears the entire town has gathered to celebrate and share in the sounds and sights of the glorious migration flight. The honkers flying low are locals now having already arrived. But the blues and snow geese are flying high as they journey farther north.

    Open, unsigned edition from the Museum Canvas Collection.

    The Museum Canvas Collection offers the size and majesty of Terry Redlin's most popular original oil paintings at a fraction of the cost.

    Image size, 23" x 39-1/2".