"Morning Solitude" Encore Canvas by Terry Redlin

    "Morning Solitude" Encore Canvas by Terry Redlin

    Code: Redlin318

    Artwork Information

    “It's that magical moment in the deep woods when the morning sun first slices through the thick underbrush to cover the landscape with its warm rays. The camper, an early riser, has loaded his fishing gear into the old wooden canoe and with his best buddy is headed out to catch breakfast. A few minutes downstream is a secluded lake, which, in this version of the story, is home to an ample supply of four to five pounders. High in the distant sky a flight of Canadas have also begun their daily search for food. And back near the tree line whitetail deer, a buck and two does, apparently unthreatened by the visitors, quietly observe the action.”

    Encore Canvas open edition.

    Image size, 14" x 24"