"Spring Fishing"  Master Canvas by Terry Redlin

    "Spring Fishing" Master Canvas by Terry Redlin

    Code: Redlin323

    Artwork Information

    “On this warm spring day Terry Redlin has invited us to tag along as the neighborhood kids visit their favorite fishing hole. They come well equipped with cane poles, bait and net. Some sit quietly on the bank watching patiently for the first nibble. Others, with the family dog, relax in the shade amid a golden field of dandelions. And, of course, there's plenty of pop and snacks waiting on the picnic table. Across the stream two Canadas herd their brood to water's edge for their own cool refreshment. They are undisturbed by all the activity, having learned long ago to share this idyllic location with their human friends.”

    Master Canvas edition of 1,950 signed and numbered canvases.

    Image size, 18-1/2" x 32".